Electric City is a novel written by Lex Crowe and James Victors, who identify with their character personas, Crow Seetan and James Rakasta respectively. The series is based off of a wide range of television, video game, and book franchises, such as Star Trek, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The series is also heavily influenced by the popular fanfiction, "Immortality Protocol: Cy-Fox", written by author William Wagner. Notable similarities include the presence of Admiral Crow Seetan in both series, as well as the inclusion of Mr. Wagner's take on Miles "Tails" Prower, the Mobian species, and the Robotnik family.

The series revolves around the solar system, Sol, and takes part in the year 2110. The countries of Earth have united into the Fur-Human Federation after the arrival of the Alyssians, a race of anthropomorphic animals, centuries ahead of humanity in technology, and in search of refuge after their home planet was consumed in the expansion of their star. Humanity soon accepted the presence of the aliens, and allowed them to include themselves in the daily operations of life. However, a group of humans, fueled by xenophobia and religious beliefs, detached themselves, taking efforts to disrupt the growing unification of the two races.