Electric City is the capital city of terraformed Saturn, and operates as the galactic headquarters of the Office of the United Federation Military, as well as a secondary residence and office of the President of the United Federation. Electric City has a population of 4.5 million, and sees billions of visitors and tourists each year. Electric City hosts a wide range of citizens of all econimic classes, with the population leaning towards middle and lower-middle class. Electric City also boasts the largest number of interracial marriages of all major cities in the Federation. Just on the outskirts of the city is Emerald Bay Naval Base, the Navy's largest Navy facility, and the headquarters of the Interstellar Operations Fleet.


Electric City holds a tremendous level of value to the Federation, as it was a symbol of the completion of the Federation's most challenging terraforming project. Saturn, being a gas giant, underwent years of terraforming, resulting in it losing 5% of it's mass as gravitational enhancers and matter were condensed, converting it into a solid planet, and the installation of atmospheric generators was the most costly. However, eventually, Saturn was classified as hospitable (in atmospheric zones), and Electric City was built.

Once Emerald Bay Naval Station was built, citizens were allowed to move to Electric City, and citizenship was reserved for the first million individuals who applied for and started businesses in the city. The Office of the United Federation Military was built to provide a central location for senior officers of the military to coordinate and oversee military operations.

Emerald Bay Naval Station

Emerald Bay Naval Station was originally built to allow military ships a place to dock and resupply without traveling all the way to Earth, however, it was expanded and soon grew to become the headquarters for Interstellar Operations. Emerald Bay Naval Station operates the Ring Bays, which are docking stations located throughout the rings of Saturn for large warships of the Navy, including the Massives. After leaving Jackal Valley Naval Shipyard, all maintenance and resupply are conducted in the Ring Bays to allow Jackal Valley to focus on the building of new ships.