A Massive-Class Starship, or M-Class, is the United Federation's designation for any capital vessels operated by the Navy. Massive Class Starships range from dreadnoughts and up. To qualify for a M-Class designation, starships are required to have a crew compliment of at least 1,500, and require the defensive and offensive capacity to operate in warfare. To date, the Navy only operates a fleet of 9 Massive Class vessels, including one that was destroyed during an attack by NANHI. M-Class vessels typically operate as the flagships for a particular fleet, commanding over a grid of smaller cruisers and warships. Although they technically meet the requirements for M-Class designation, Ark-Class starships are not considered Massives due to their classified nature, as well as their mission to preserve the lives of Federation citizens. The Federation is the only government body that operates M-Class vessels.

M-Class Starships

Below is a list of all Navy M-Class starships, their size class, as well as their primary directive and assignments.

FNV Hyperion, Assault Carrier - Fleet Command/Diplomatic Representative Vessel - 11th Interstellar Operations Fleet

FNV Starflit, Battlecruiser - Offensive/Defensive Response - 12th Inner System Fleet

FNV Sisko, Battlecruiser - Offensive/Defensive Response - 13th Outer System Fleet

FNV Imperator, Dreadnought - Mobile Cyber Warfare - 14th Cyber Warfare Fleet

FNV Sceptre, Battleship - System-Wide Aid Vessel - 15th Inner System Auxiliary Fleet

FNV Mattis, Battleship - System-Wide Aid Vessel - 16th Outer System Auxiliary Fleet

FNV Constellation, Carrier - Troop and Vehicle Transport - 11th Interstellar Operations Fleet

FNV Mercy, Hospital Starship - Catastrophic Medical Response - 19th Space Corps Fleet


FNV Axiom, Assault Carrier - Fleet Command Vessel - 11 Interstellar Operations Fleet: Vessel destroyed in 2110.