Mobians, originally referred to as Keplarians by humanity during their initial discovery, are a species of anthropomorphic animals that reside on the planet of Mobius, which orbits the star Keplar 22b. The planet was originally ruled by the Kingdom of Acorn, which was orchestrating a range of attacks on numerous insurgent tribes of Echidna during the arrival of the Alyssian refugees, the First Many. The First Many kept their involvement in the affairs of the planet minimal, trading medical and food technology for ore and resources to assist in fortifying and repairing their starships, which had sustained some damage during their escape of the Alyssian Empire. The conflict on Mobius erupted in a full-scale civil war shortly after the departure of the Alyssians, and almost resulted in nuclear war. However, by a chance of fate, the Alyssians returned, now a part of the newly formed Fur-Human Federation, and assisted in stablizing the planet, overthrowing the Kingdom of Acorn and providing the Mobians with the technology to form the Republic of Mobius. After this, the Mobians and the Federation established an alliance, and numerous beacons and gateways were established to allow transport between the planets.