Mobius, formerly referred to as Keplar 22b by humanity during it's initial discovery, is a life supporting planet and the home world of the Mobian race, an anthropomorphic race of animal-like aliens with human level intelligence. Mobius is roughly 1.8 times the size of planet Earth, and it's orbital period is 224 days, which is categorized as one Mobian Year. Mobius was first discovered by the Keplar Space Telescope and documented as a possible life supporting planet, similar to Earth, and early talks of deep space travel highly focused on the planet, indicating that it would make a suitable habitat should a solar catastrophe occur. However, attempts to contact or approach the planet were outside of the abilities of the technology currently possessed by humanity, so all information on the planet was based off of long range scans and telescope images.

The First Many

Around the year 1973, refugees from the Alyssian Empire, called the First Many, made contact and landed at Mobius in need of assistance. The planet had numerous biomes of all types, and had plentiful deposits of rare ores needed to repair their damaged starships. The First Many traded food replication and defensive in exchange for access to the mines, and a number of them interacted with the Mobian people, resulting in a slight increase in population. Years later, a civil war erupted on Mobius, and the First Many were advised to leave the planet to avoid being caught in the confrontation. The First Many left, promising to find help, and eventually found the deep space satellite Voyager 1, using the information stored aboard it to contact and eventually find Earth.

Civil War

An unknown time after the departure of the First Many, the civil war on Mobius became worldwide. Numerous members of the Army of the Kingdom of Acorn resisted the actions of the current ruler, who was planning on using nuclear weapons to eliminate their opponent, numerous tribes of Echidnas. During one conflict, a former colonel, Amadeus Prower, defected and opened fire on a squadron of bombers armed with the nuclear technology, in the hopes of bringing them down before they could do too much damage. With the bombers down, he focused his attention to the advancing troops, before they battle was halted by the launching of an early nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. The missile was intercepted by members of the United Nations, having used the starships of the First Many to respond to Mobius, and helped the resisting troops gain the upper hand. Having dismantled the totalitarian regime of the Kingdom, a new governing body was formed, called the Republic of Mobius.