The Sol System, also referred to as the Solar System, is the primary system of the United Federation, and is the birthplace of both the Federation and Humanity. The System consists of the sun, Sol, and ten planetary objects (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris). Earth remains the primary planet of the Federation, due to it's significance as the birthplace of humanity and the location of the first contact between humanity and the First Many. Terra-forming and colonization efforts via mass-production and drones have made most of the planets and their moons entirely habitable, with numerous large cities erected on their surfaces, as well as large atmospheric generators that allow life to function without the aid of spacesuits and provide gravitational effect as well. Through advanced research and generation, the Federation was able to 'solidy' gas planets such as Saturn, utilizing highly classified procedures to ensure the survival of it's inhabitants. The shining achievement of this technology is Electric City on Saturn.

The Sol System is governed by the United Federation, and each planet is governed by a Federation Chancellor. On Earth, all countries were converted to Provinces, and are represented by a Governer who reports to the Chancellor, who in turn reports to the Office of the President.


As the birthplace of humanity, Earth has been colonized for millennia before the appearance of the Alyssians. After the First Contact, the planet was revamped using the alien technology, with atmospheric enhancers removing mass amounts of smog from major cities, as well as stabilizing the rapidly increasing temperature of the planet. Food replication and advanced medical research effectively eliminated world hunger and numerous severe diseases, and made healthcare widely available and affordable for almost all countries. With these new technologies available, nearly every nation agreed to align with the United States to form the Fur-Human Federation, which allowed the population to explode and the colonization of the planets to begin.


Although Mars was originally destined to be the first planet to colonize into a mass-populated planet, the abundance of rare resources and ores on the planet changed the Federations plans, and as such, the planet was converted into one of industrial purposes. Numerous plants, mining facilities, and shipyards were developed and leased to major companies on Earth, allowing for the mass production of advanced transportation vehicles, starships, military technology, and building supplies. Mars is home to Jackal Valley Naval Shipyard, which produces the Federation military's various starships via drone construction technology. Using hundreds of thousands of assembly drones that can operate 24/7, starships are able to be planned, financed, built, and launched within two months of their initial design.