The Vector E550 Fighter is a small spacecraft designed for aerial navigation, dogfights, and rapid response to locations where a starship would not be able to access due to it's size and operation cost. Vectors are powered by small nuclear reactors, and are widely used by the UFN and UFSDF for their patrols, and are commonly their larger starships for deployment in deep space. The Vector is capable of short distance warp speeds, although this is typically reserved for emergency situations.

Variants Edit

There are a multitude of variants of the Vector. The Navy uses different ones that are equipped with different weapons. For instance, Vectors operating in deep space are usually armed with beam weaponry and torpedoes, while planetary ones may use physical ammunition and missiles. The SDF variants are also equipped with non-lethal crowd control devices, including tear gas launchers, and electric incapacitation devices. SDF Vectors are black and white in color, with red and blue LED's used to attract the attention of other pilots on their way to an emergency.

Legality Edit

The Vector is a Class 3 Restricted vehicle, and is not authorized for civilian use or ownership. Old Vectors are dismantled and recycled when retired, and their weapons are evaluated and either recycled into new vessels or are completely dismantled. There have been several instances of civilians stealing Vectors from scrapyards awaiting dismantlement, and removing the weapons system to attempt to make a 'civilian legal' Vector. However, due to the relative ease of installing weapons into the craft, as well as it's warp capabilities and unique radar system, the craft is as of yet not allowed to fall in civilian hands.

NANHI Reception Edit

NANHI's reaction to the Vector was negative, according to intelligence reports. NANHI had only just launched their first set of Boxxer fighters, and when they heard of the advanced capabilities of the Vector, multiple attempts to infiltrate Ford's shipyard on Earth occurred as sympathizers attempted to get either a Vector or it's plans. Many upgrades to the NANHI Boxxers were made to imitate the Vector, but none were successful.