Victor Croft is the main character of Electric City 2, and is the current security escort for Fleet Admiral Crow Seetan. Victor joined the Navy with a desire for military service, and tested well enough to gain access to the coveted Interstellar Operations Fleet Academy on Luna.

History Edit

Victor was born in Pendleton Heights, Electric City, to a relatively average family. His father, John, is a drone programmer for Saturn Construction Services, and his mother is a housekeeper. Victor graduated from PS 103 in Electric City in 2108 and quickly began studying for entry into the UFN Academy. Although originally supportive of his enlistment, his girlfriend decided to leave him after learning of the long-term deployments he would undergo as a serviceman. Regardless, Victor signed on and successfully completed the two year Academy for the Interstellar Operations Fleet.

Service History Edit

Croft graduated with honors in 2110, and served in the security corps, working as a gate officer for Emerald Bay Naval Station during the NANHI Crisis. Croft was temporarily activated and deployed to Electric City after the attack from NANHI, and even responded to the Federation Hall during the assassination of President Daniel Langley. He was subsequently promoted in 2112, working as a line officer for Emerald Bay Naval Station, which consisted of patrolling and enforcing the laws and code of the Navy. In 2113, he was promoted to PO2 and deployed aboard the FNV Avalon, a freight support destroyer, as a security officer, earning his Starship Service Medal and working to enhance his position within the Security field. He continued to work aboard the Avalon until 2114, where he was selected to become the security escort for Fleet Admiral Seetan.